3D Map Heart DIY!

Well hello there!

I'm back with another DIY! I've been so into decorating lately that I'm more willing to spend my paychecks on that than on clothes. It's that serious.
But instead of buying decor, I like to make my own. I get to choose my own materials and colours, the size, the price, everything. That's probably my favourite part, not having to buy something and change it.
So I made these little map hearts. 
I have maps all around my room and I thought they might be a nice little accent. I originally saw a post kind of like them on Pinterest but they were made to go around Christmas lights. I have Christmas lights as decor, but they heat up too fast for me to put anything around them.

The things you're going to need are:
  • Old maps
  • String
  • Single hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Super strong tape
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Hole reinforcers
Now when I cut the shapes I needed out, I didn't really know how well they were going to fit together. I basically traced an entire ruler length on the map and cut it out, then I took that and tried to make half of a heart shape. I put that on the map, marked two dots, and drew half of a heart. Then I cut that side and flipped it to make a symmetrical heart, and then cut that out. I had my stencils for every heart from then on.

The key to the hearts is that you have to make sure they're mirrored. If you don't you have to do more trimming. So when you trace one with the map side up, you have to trace one with the map side down. 

Now comes the joyous part. Taping them. I took one of the strips and started taping it to the edge of the heart.

You need really small pieces of tape in order to make this work.

This is what it looks like once one side is completed.

Then you take the other strip and begin to tape it to the other half of the heart.

In order to keep the "v" shape, you need to tape the two strips together.

You tape the other side down. Then you tape together the two strips to form the bottom "v".

 This is what it will look like once both strips are taped.

 You take the hole punch and put two holes in the top v so you can string them.

I used the reinforcers so that the string wouldn't break through.

 I strung it like this so that it was sturdy enough to hang and wouldn't fall on my head at night.

 I tied them together so that the string wouldn't slip through the holes. They can be untied later if needed.

 Then I put the second heart on. It's really hard to do and will take most of the time. Be patient.

 As you can see my heart didn't quite fit but I just put some tape over it and you can't even notice it.

 This is the final piece! Mind you, one took me about 30 minutes to do just to put together. I made 10 so it was a minimum of 5 hours to do it. If you have someone willing to help you that would be ideal!

Yet again, here is how I hung them. You can put lights in them, basically do anything you want with them. I did put a light in just to see what it would look like and it looked amazing!
That's it! I hope you liked this tutorial and I hope you're happy with the outcome if you decided to make them!




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