A Girl With Tattoos

Well hello there!

I've already posted today, but two posts doesn't hurt anyone... right?

Tonight's post is about my tattoos. I posted a video on my YouTube channel today all about my tattoos, so if you'd like to see this in video format, click here. If you want to just see pictures, just grab your popcorn, make sure you're in comfy clothes, and read on my fellow humans!

I typically get tattoos every six months, however I haven't gotten one in almost a year...gasp!! But don't fear ;), I have one booked for April 6th!

For now, here are the tattoos I currently have.

This was my first tattoo on my right wrist. It represents February 16th, 2007. This was the day my grandmother passed away.
This was my second tattoo on my left wrist, it goes with my first one. It represents January 19th, 1940. This is the day my grandmother was born.
My third tattoo is behind my right ear. It is the little "fluffs" on dandelions that are typically blown away. It's for my cousin who passed away 15 years ago.
 This is my fourth tattoo, on the left side of my ribs. It has absolutely no meaning, but I got it just because I liked it on another girl. #sorrynotsorry
My fifth tattoo is on my left ankle. It's an elephant for my grandmother but also to remind me of the person I'd like to be.

So there's all of my tattoos! Every one except the rib one cost me $50 but the rib cost me $100. The one I'm getting in about 2 weeks is going to cost me $150...yikes! I'd say I'm addicted to tattoos. There's absolutely no feeling like it, it's not even describable. Out of all of them, my ankle hurt the most but my ribs bled a lot! All of mine are done with organic ink, which is nice because I'm allergic to nickle (which is in most inks). 

If you have any questions about tattoos, put them in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them!




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