Easter Chocolate!

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I seem to be posting on here quite a bit, but I happen to actually really enjoy blogging!

I'm writing this post while just finishing a Cadbury Creme Egg, which just so happened to inspire the topic. Easter is fast approaching and while most people that have a religion where they believe in God are participating in lent, I am eating all the things they are giving up. This "season" is probably the worst for me when it comes to my addiction to junk food because it's always just soooooo good. Who really ever wants to pass up a creme egg? Um nobody! I've decided to share two of my favourite chocolates when it comes to Easter so that maybe you'll indulge in them as well and I won't feel as guilty for doing so! 

The first one I've already mentioned and that would be a creme egg! If you don't know what a creme egg is, it's this milk chocolate egg with this "goo" inside (it's actually soft fondant). It's white and has the orange bit like a real egg, except this tastes wayyyyy better. At McDonald's they make a creme egg mcflurry and it's the best of all the junk food worlds combined. Cadbury also puts out this adorable "release the goo" commercials for the egg around Easter time and they're probably my favourite ads. 

My other favourite is Mini Eggs or Eggies! They're basically milk chocolate with a candy shell shaped in an egg. I can honestly eat about a million of them in one sitting which is probably the worst thing ever. 

Picture belongs to Food Punk

I love the classic Kinder Buenos and the white chocolate Lindors but those are out all year round. 

What will you be eating this Easter?




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