Pearly Eyes!

Well hello there!

This last week my eyes have grown immensely large and blinded with pearls. As a kid I absolutely hated pearls, I thought they were so ugly. Diamonds have always had my heart as they're also my birthstone. Lately though my taste has changed for everything so that means pearls are on my wishlist. My budget is quite tight so that means fake for now, but I will have real ones by time I turn 21.

Here's my more expensive taste for pearls, at it's finest.

 I'm not quite sure why the picture is coming out grey, but the pearls are white and they are from Tiffany as well as these other 2 necklaces.

Now for cheaper ones, I'm obviously going to look at Forever 21 because that is where my budget is at.


I also found these gorgeous Chanel pearl shoes on Pinterest...I am devoting my life to owning them but knowing me, by time I get the money they'll no longer be available.

Ebay say says they're $1500 for the flats.

Pearl accents on clothes are my favourite too, especially on collars. Surprise surprise, I actually own something like that! I bought this shirt at H&M over a year ago.

I'm in love with these two articles of clothing, both of which I found on Pinterest as well.
 Absolutely gorgeous!!

Excuse me little girl can I have your dress??

But for now I'm stuck with these pearls.

Do you love pearls or are you fawning over something else? Let me know in the comments below!




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