Pinterest D-I-Y Gone W-R-O-N-G!

Well hello there!

Tonight was a very eventful evening. I decided during the day to organize my makeup "collection" to make it look pretty. So I took to my beloved Pinterest to get some inspiration. I'm sure you have all seen those beautiful makeup stands that involve taking two plates and a candlestick to create a tiered holder thing. I thought to myself "that looks easy enough to do." So I went out and bought the essentials I needed, which means I bought the two plates. I searched for a candle stick but I couldn't find any. 

I decided to decorate the plates like the mugs people decorate on Pinterest with Sharpies. That's extremely easy, all you do is draw on it and put them in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes. Here's what mine looked like.

I decided to fill the vase I found in my house with little beads that I bought at the dollar store. 

So now comes the fun part. I got my hot glue gun all ready to put it all together. I glued the plate then stuck the vase on and waited. I then put glue on the top of the vase and put the top plate on.

All done, right? HAHAHAHA no. The glue didn't adhere to anything! I just wanted to make sure it would hold things without breaking and both plates came off the vase. So I thought, maybe glass on porcelain just doesn't work. Solution? Put paper between them. Attempt number two was well on it's way.

That was until I tried to see if they stuck after waiting quite a bit for the glue to dry. Any luck? NOPE. So this is where the stress set in. How on Earth was I going to get this to work? Should I just leave the plates apart and throw my makeup on those? I really didn't want to since I was trying to create more space. Then I thought to myself, what is the one thing that fixes everything? Duct tape. And that's exactly what I used.

Did it work? You betcha. Do I care that it's visible? Nope. After all that I added my makeup to it.

For the little jars at the back, I put beads in the one with my brushes. For the other one I put some cotton pads and Q-tips in it.

The last picture I'm going to add is how I felt after this beautiful and easy Pinterest DIY went completely wrong.

So if you don't want to end up feeling like this...just go out and find a cute cake stand.




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