Sally's Beauty Makeup Review!

Well hello there (for the second day in a row)!

I managed, this morning, to use all of my new makeup products for today's makeup. I figured today would be an especially good day to try out the foundation as I had to work. I am so pleased with all of these products, I can't even begin to explain to you! I'm going to put the product I am most impressed with at the end as a last little "omg this is the best product ever."

I'll start with the Sally Girl eyeshadows. The gold glitter one (Treasure) is so beyond pigmented, I couldn't believe it! I bought it for $1.39 and my mind is completely blown. You don't need a lot to get a good amount which is fantastic since it's so small. It is a cream shadow in the sense that if you push hard on it enough you will notice this. Otherwise you don't notice all that much. The beauty of this product is that it lasted all day long and didn't come off at all. I layered it over top of the baked eyeshadow I bought yesterday and this is how it turned out.

Now the other small eyeshadow I bought I find is a rose-gold colour (Number 388122). Like the glitter one, it lasted all day and was so pigmented. It didn't show up much on the brush but it definitely shows up on skin. I don't think it would if your skin is a shade darker than mine (which is light) but I'm positive it will show up on every other tone. Yet again, I layered the glitter over top of this eyeshadow.

The next thing I'm going to rave over is the liquid eyeliner I bought. It is called Femme Couture Eternal Color Felt-Tipped Eyeliner and I bought it in the colour Jet. I'm pretty picky when it comes to eyeliner because I fell in love with the Rimmel gel one. It's so easy to put on I didn't think I'd ever use liquid eyeliner again...until today. This pen is honestly the best liquid eyeliner I've ever used, and I've used a lot. First off, it comes in a pen so it's super easy to use. Secondly, the felt tip is so thin that it's hard to make a mistake. I am no good at all when it comes to cat eyes and the ones I had today took about 2 minutes and looked pretty good.

Now, last but definitely not least, the foundation. I currently use(d) the Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation and it's nice but I have oily skin. I always have to wear a powder over it and even with that I'm shiny within 2 hours. I've been looking for a new one and came across the one in Sally's by Femme Couture which is the Get Flawless 8-in-1 Foundation. This foundation claims to be "a multi-tasking foundation with 8 great benefits that create flawless looking skin in one easy step. This blendable formula color corrects, moisturizes, is a primer, concealer, foundation and dries to a beautiful powdery finish while it helps to smooth lines and is 97% oil free." And boy, let me tell you, this is absolutely correct. I have has this foundation on for almost 12 hours and I still am not shiny. It doesn't mention that it is light weight but I can hardly feel it. I did buy it in a colour that is too dark for my skin but I put a powder over to lighten it and it looks fine.

I also blended it really went into my neck so that there would be no lines. I know that a lot of "matte" foundations dry quickly so I stippled it on as soon as it touched my face so I wouldn't be left with dots everywhere. It also doesn't oxidize, which is fabulous, so I've been the same colour all day. The first picture is of me in the morning and the second is after work.

No shine! I couldn't believe it! If you're looking for a matte foundation that is lightweight, go buy this if you have a Sally's Beauty near you!

I did buy another makeup product (the concealer) but I'm not sure how I feel about it so I will definitely review that once I get a feel for it. 

I'm about to dive into the chocolate I just bought while reading up on the latest fake gossip! Have a good night!




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