Well hello there!

A quick introduction to myself is required for this first post-obviously-so here it goes. My name is MacKenzie Baynham, I am 19, (almost 20). I live in Canada; Ontario to be a bit more specific. I have taken one year in university and my program was journalism (so yes I am very big on grammar). After that first year I was going to change schools and my program; I applied, accepted it and about 3 days before classes started, I got major anxiety and dropped out. Basically, in less words, I'm not in school right now. I work in retail and live with my mom and her boyfriend. Although retail is probably the lowest form of working in the fashion industry, I love working in it so that is my main goal...not to work in retail for the rest of my life but to move as high up as I can in the industry (preferably to start my own brand/label). Well, enough about me as I'll probably talk about myself more often with time, more about what my plans are for this blog.

I currently post every Monday and Friday on my YouTube channel, so I will be posting twice a week on this blog as well. The two will most likely not be of the same topic because my videos are more about everything else going on in my life however I can't promise that they won't be the same. Now when it comes to content, I'm thinking this blog will be more about fashion and beauty as they currently hold my interest. There might be the odd time where I talk about some interesting things going on in my life, or even some posts on current world issues. I'm pretty sure that's all I have to say for an introduction right now as all I want to write about is my current love for pink things which I will be writing about as soon as I finish this post!

I hope you will follow me on this journey I'm about to fully take off on!




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