Bathing Suit Time!

Well hello there!

I know it's only May but swimsuit season is literally just around the corner. I probably get about 10 emails a day about new swimsuits that every store in the world is getting which inspired me to write this post.

If you're afraid that I'm only going to cover bikini's, I'm not. There's actually been a really big hike in one pieces over the last couple of years! I'm here to help you find the cutest ones, suited for each and every body type.

In keeping with my post from yesterday, I'm going to start with the sporty type of suits first.

This bottom is a little too strappy for my liking, but the top is what I like the most about this. High neck tops are actually really popular for suits this season, and also give a nice sporty vibe.

I like this one because of the one strap, but that's not what makes it sporty looking. The black stripes down the middle of the top are what I think put it into this category. It also has some nice exposed stitching for details.

Triangle tops and bandeaus are never any good for bigger chested girls. This bikini has the sporty vibe (because it looks like a sports bra) while giving enough support that you're not worried about nip slips all day long.

For a one piece, this is my favourite sporty one. The straps on it really give it that kind of vibe while still giving the coverage of a normal one piece.

Along with high necks, rashguards are really really in... especially if Victoria's Secret is carrying them!

The straps on this one are nice and sporty, and the front is like a bandeau. 

Yet again, rashguards are in! This is the long sleeved version which would be nice for those days when your arms are much darker than your stomach so you just want your stomach to tan!

Now, if you have a tumblr, you've probably seen this style everywhere! I like to call it the outline style.
Basically the each piece is lined with a color so it stands out a bit more, kind of like when you colour a picture and outline the section you coloured in with a darker version of that colour.

Triangl is actually the suits you're seeing on tumblr. Have so many cute styles and colours, I suggest checking out their site!

These next two are nice because they're outlined in neon colours instead of just black. They would really pop on more tan/darker skin tones!

Another trend I love is the leather look. I could only find (meaning I looked on the three websites I've used and couldn't find it on theirs) these ones from Triangl. 

I know it's kind of hard to find good one pieces which is why most of these trends apply a lot to bikini's. For some more one pieces, these are some of my favourites! 

This one has a low back but the cutouts are really nice on it. It also has a bit of jewel on the chest cutout!

This is one probably my favourite because of the print and style. There's no cutouts or anything done to it to make it more "trendy", it's just a simple suit with a cute print!

If you have a small chest, I suggest getting this suit here. It has ruffles which make your boobs seem a bit bigger. But if you happen to be a bit bigger, the ruffles will camouflage your midsection and the darker bottom will draw attention away from that part. Overall, this is a really nice suit for most, but stay away if you have extremely noticeable curves (hourglass). 

These next two were just so cute I couldn't pass them up, but I also couldn't fit them into a category!

This bow is honestly so adorable, I love it! Psst! Ladies not so gifted in the chest area, this would really help you to look bigger!

I like this because it looks like a knotted tank top but it's actually a bathing suit!

I apologize that this post was extremely picture heavy! I hope it helped some of you for when you go bathing suit shopping!

What's your favourite style of swimsuits?




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