Biking Season Has Started!

Well hello there!

If you know me personally, you'd know I love to bike. The second the weather warms up enough, I'm on the trails. Today it was 60 degrees Fahrenheit...basically summer weather, when compared to the cold we just had, here in Canada. 

I had been asked last night to go on a hike today with my friend and her dog to which I had said I would go. Well I woke up with an eye infection and was having some hard time breathing (I have asthma). I had to cancel and decided to continue watching Arrow, the show I had started the night before. 7 hours and 10 episodes later, and watching with my animals, I found myself with a headache and begging for caffeine from Tim Hortons.

Thankfully, after asking my mom, she had come home with an Iced Cappuccino made with chocolate milk (basically a more caffeinated mocha frappucino). I took my dog for a walk, in shorts!, 
and came home to dinner on the table. While sitting there I decided that I really wanted to take my bike out for the first ride of the season. So I finished eating, took a pill to cure my headache, and broke out my baby.

Still wearing my shorts, I put on a thermal long sleeve tee with a tee over it, and packed a bag (with water because I didn't know how I'd be feeling, and keys). I plugged my headphones into my phone, put them in my ears and sat on my bike for the first time in 6 months. Oh glory days! I felt right at home.

And so my journey started. I have a path right by my house, and completely forgetting it snowed this weekend, started for it. I got on the path to see only snow. Now my bike might be a mountain bike, but it is not made for snow. So I headed back to the road. 

And so my second journey started. I rode on the side of the road until where I normally turn around, 7km from my house. I could have gone further but decided it was best for my lungs to just turn there. I turned around, obviously, and headed back home. 

There's a road that leads to the path I originally wanted to take so I made a quick detour to take a picture, because it's not an official ride if I didn't take a picture. Fortunately, this section of the path had no snow covering it.

 (Canadian Geese)

After my detour, I ventured on home. 14km later, I was tired. So I ran a nice lukewarm bath, because I was partly warm and partly cold. I added some Sweet Pea bubble bath, brought in my sweet pea candle, and relaxed.

At this point I noticed 2 things. The first one being that my headache was gone. The second one being the massive bruise on my foot which I originally thought was dirt. Then my scratch, which happened once I rode over the snow and lost a bit of control, started to burn a bit.

I drained the water, got dressed, and found my mother waiting for me with a tea. 

Now I'm sat, on my bed, with another Arrow episode loaded and a delicious tea. 

I'm going to finish this post here, I just thought it would be nice to share my day with anyone reading this as I believe today has been my favourite day of the year! My apologies if this post was boring, but bike season always makes me extremely excited! 

What's your favourite season?




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