Celebrity Crushes!

Well hello there!

Everyone has celebrity crushes. Everyone. Even if they don't want to admit it, they do. Celebrities are so apparent in our every day lives that it's more normal to have a crush on a celebrity than someone at school.

Now you might think that I only crush on male celebrities, but oh contraire! I do not. Have you seen how gorgeous some of these ladies are? It's impossible not to crush on them. If you're a lady reading this thinking "that's disgusting", I'm going to redirect you on over to my favourite video on YouTube. Just watch it and you will understand.

There's no particular order to this list, just whoever comes to mind first.

My first true love. The one and only Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal. I've literally been in love with Jake since I was about 8, which is 12 years. Ironically, there's a 12 year difference between us. Maybe this year will be the year where we meet in a magical place and fall so desperately in love that we get married the same day.

I'm going to get some questioning about this one. Miley Cyrus has been and always will be my number one girl crush. Why? She's absolutely stunning, she does whatever she wants, she has a killer voice and I'm jealous of her tattoos and courageousness. Yeah, she does some pretty intense things but she does them to bring attention to herself and it's actually really smart publicity. If she didn't do all the stuff she's done would you have the opinion you have about her? I'm gonna let you sit on that while looking at this stunning picture.

Yes I like the controversial ones. But before he became a regular in the news, I loved him. Justin Bieber has always had my heart. I love him to death. Does he do stupid things? Yeah but so does everyone else. He just takes more heat for it because of who he is.

You may not have heard about this girl, but if you follow me on Twitter you'd know I tweet her all the time. Her name is Niykee Heaton and she's a singer. Her voice is amazing and she's absolutely stunning; she's the entire package. Check her out on YouTube!
Last, but for sure not least, are British siblings. Harry Styles and his sister Gemma Styles. They don't need introductions or explanations, they're just gorgeous and the perfect beings all around.

I could go on forever with my list but I think I'm just going to end it here to save you all from my magical dreamland where I think I'll either marry all the men and be best friends with all of the females.
What celebrities are you crushing on?




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