Coconut Oil Hair Mask Tutorial!

Well hello there!

I posted in my March Favourites post about my love for coconut oil. I also mentioned this mask that I have done before and how to do it. I thought it might be helpful to do a full post on exactly how I do it.

These are the things you need:
  • Coconut Oil
  • Brush
  • Hair clips
  • Shower Cap(s)
You will need to have unwashed hair for this. I do this before I shower so that I can just rinse it out.
 Brush your hair out.

You're going to need a lot of coconut oil. Now the thing about coconut oil is that it's solid in the container, but once you touch it, it turns to liquid.

Apply it to your roots first. Make sure to separate your hair so you get your entire scalp.

Move onto the rest of your hair. Make sure it is completely coated.

You will make a mess.

The next step is to pin your hair up with the clips. I twist mine first and then pin it.

Then I double cap it because one cap doesn't cover my entire head.

Set a timer for 20 minutes.

The oil will drip down your face. Make sure to have a towel handy.

Once it's time to shower, I double shampoo and then condition. I do this so that the first shampoo breaks down and removes the oil. I just use some of my mother's shampoo because I don't want to waste mine...sorry mom! The second one is to clean my hair. I condition because it helps to bring some of the oil's benefits back as well as my hair gets really tangled. These are in order of how I use them (I add both conditioners together to make one application).

I typically just let my hair air dry after this but for the sake of this post I blow dried it. When I don't use this mask, I typically put macademia oil in my wet hair but I skip this step as I don't want to overdose on the oil. You won't notice a difference when it's wet.

I don't notice a difference until I straighten so that's what I did. I used my heat protectant very lightly before ironing.

So that's the mask and how it turns out!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! I now have to go clean my camera after getting oil all over it!

What kinds of masks do you use on your hair?




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