Good Deeds Mean Harsh Opinions

Well hello there!

Today I wanted to write about something that has nothing to do with my blog "type."

Last Wednesday, as some of you may know, a lost dog was brought into my house by my mother's boyfriend. He mentioned that it was just outside. This poor little Yorkie was shaking from being so cold and was extremely thin. It had no collar or tags to identify it or it's owners.

I had known of a lady who has this type of dog who lives up the street from me so I called to see if it was her dog. All the while, my dog had been freaking out because another animal was in the house. After getting off the phone with her and realizing it wasn't her dog, I took to Facebook.

I know my town has a lost and found page so I posted there about this found dog and to call me if any information was known. I also posted a picture and then posted again on my personal account. Once people had seen the post on the lost and found page, it became known that one person in particular was missing their dog.

I tried my best to describe the dog while answering everyone's questions. It got to the point where I could no longer keep this cute little dog in my house because of my crazy dog. I posted on the page that I was taking it to the SPCA because that was my only option after the hour I had her. 

This apparently upset a lot of people because the owner would then have to pay to get their dog released to them. A lot of people then said that I should keep her until the suspected owner could come take a look while others said they would keep the dog until the suspected owner could come take ownership. I was already at the SPCA while these comments were taking place because it was in the best interest for the dog.

Not many people understood that. When I said that I wasn't going to hand the dog over to someone I knew wasn't the owner this caused another fury. About 10 minutes after I had dropped the dog off, the owner was found and contacted. I was so thankful that the dog was going to be safe at home but these comments concerning my actions really had me down.

They made me feel as though it was wrong to bring the dog there. I felt horrible about having to make the owners pay a fee, but I knew that if this dog had loving owners they would pay it in an instant to get their baby back. I know I would have when my animal went missing which is why I did what I could.

Some told me that what I did was right and that, although the originally suspected owner was not the correct owner, they were thankful the dog found it's home and thankful for what I did. It's funny how 5 people can tell you something positive about you, but the 1 person that's negative about the issue looms in your mind. 

Why must people be so critical and harsh when it comes to another's good deed?

I don't understand. There are some people in this world that think so negatively about everything and cannot even fathom the idea that something positive happened. These kind of people make me sick to my stomach. There are actually good people in the world that are willing to stop everything to help someone out and all they can do is peer out from under their eyelids and complain about a flaw. 

So maybe, next time when someone does something good, instead of tearing them down, make them feel proud of their decision to do the right thing.

Thanks for listening to my rant, and just to let you know, when you do something good, I am more than proud of you for taking the time out of your schedule to do it.




  1. I think what you did was absolutely the right thing but Kenz............if you know what you did is the right thing deep down in your heart then you just keep thinking that! No matter what we do in life, there will always be negativity. Knowing what to do with it positively is the way to deal with it. Always believe in yourself, Kenz and let that be your guide because you have a good heart! I love you! <3 xox


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