Healthy Eating... Sometimes!

Well hello there!

Occasionally, I like to eat healthy. Very occasionally. But when I do, I spend days and days on the "kick". I thought it might be nice to share what I like to eat.

The things I like the most are raw veggies and fruits.  Summer fruits are definitely my favourite because I love watermelon. Apples are an every season favourite for me. I do not like blueberries, blackberries, honey dew melon, or any kind of oranges besides the ones from Florida and clementines. As for veggies, I don't like a lot of them raw, but those I do like raw I like to dip them in roasted garlic hummus.

I personally love salad. It something you can alter to what you like and it's something every restaurant has. I don't like any lettuce besides iceberg which isn't the healthiest but I am not sacrificing my lettuce for health. My favourite dressing is balsamic vinegar but I also like ranch and Italian. One salad I refuse to eat is Caesar because I had quite a traumatizing experience once. I picked this one up at Sobeys and it has no lettuce, but it was fantastic. I added some balsamic but it's good without it too.

For drinks, I love water, but sometimes you just need a little something flavourful. That's where smoothies come in. It's an easy way to get fruit servings while satisfying your tastebuds. I either make my own and add orange juice or peach juice, or buy the Bolthouse Farms ones at Walmart. The big ones are supposed to last 4 servings... it lasts me about half a day. They have ones like salted caramel latte which is super yummy, but the fruit ones are delicious too.

Eating healthy is quite expensive but it's worth it. The fruit bowl, the salad and the drink cost me about $15. If you make your own stuff it's obviously less expensive but I'm quite lazy.
(Fruit bowl: $5.31, Salad: $4.99, Drink: $3.97)

I also did some outdoor "activities/exercising". I biked 14km in 30 minutes in the morning and then I took my dog for a muddy hike in the Gorge (behind Niagara Falls). My dog just got a haircut too and it was so beyond mucky I thought for sure I would have to bathe him but he didn't end up that dirty.

We were super exhausted after our little hike but it was definitely worth it!

What healthy stuff do you like to eat?




  1. Right now I'm eating one my favourite snacks! I'm having graham crackers with natural peanut butter on it and a glass of milk. The peanut butter sticks to the roof of your mouth soooo good that I can't seem to talk so, hence the typing.

    Another one my favourites besides fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, pizza (you didn't see that last one) is hot air popcorn with becel margarine and sea salt. The only person I share that with is my doggies! They love me for it, too! :)


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