How To Wear a Denim Shirt for Spring!

Well hello there!

Last night... or basically every weekend... my dear friend Lori facetimes me and asks me what she should wear. Her dilemma last night was based around a denim shirt. This flicked on a lightbulb in my head for a blog post!

Denim shirts can either make or break an outfit. I once saw a couple wearing matching denim tuxedos; you can imagine the horror.

There's pretty basic rules on how to style a denim shirt, but I thought it might be nice to refresh some people's minds on the subject as spring is nearing.

*** I didn't close my closet door for some of the pictures and I wasn't going to edit them to crop it out, so my apologies! I also apologize that my camera didn't want to focus nicely!

Over black pants/leggings:

Over a maxi skirt:

Over a coloured mini skirt:

Tucked into a leather skater skirt:

For this skater skirt look I suggest buttoning the shirt all the way to the top. Wear a bib/statement necklace with it. I don't have one but this is how you would wear it if you did.

Now for the big one. I mentioned a denim "tuxedo." By that I meant exact denim shades on top and bottom. There is a way to do that but I haven't figured it out. So for now, I'm sticking with the mismatched washes. I like the light on top/dark on bottom look but wearing white jeans would also look nice.

To break it up more, you can wear a white shirt...
 Or a hoodie/tanktop combo under the jean shirt.

It frustrates me to no end that these pictures look horrible and I'm sorry about them. I hope you get the main point of the post.

What are your favourite ways to wear a denim shirt?




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