Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure!

Well hello there!

If you know me, you know how addicted I have been/am to nail polish. I'm convinced I need every single colour in the world. Why? Well what if I need a specific colour that I don't have? Illogical? Of course. Do I care? Nope.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to clean out my collection. I had 87 nail polishes in total. Some were dried out and rusted while the rest were usable. I decided to toss the ones incapable of doing their job and split the one's that were okay. I kept 40 and donated the rest to a woman's shelter. 

Unfortunately, among the ones I had to toss were my red and nude. Everybody needs these colours. When I went to my local Walmart I noticed the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure was on sale... and I had a coupon! I couldn't resist the urge.

So I purchased the 2 necessities. The first one, which I'm currently wearing, is called "Red My Lips". Obviously, it's red. It's actually the perfect red. Not too dark, not too light. Just perfect. 

The second colour I bought is called "Arm Candy". When I picked this up I thought it would be the perfect nude colour for my skin tone. It's actually extremely sheer. I could probably use it for a top coat that's how sheer it is. I'm a little disappointed with this as the picture showed a nice opaque looking colour. I'm sure if I put a white underneath it will show up, but it doesn't cure my disappoint.

Even though I am a bit sad with my purchases, I still love the polish. I've had the colour "Wine Not" before and it was the most beautiful wine shade I've ever used. I know my way around the nail polish aisle. I know which brand's I like and which one's I don't; which colour's I use and don't; which is worth the money and which isn't. 

Any branch of Sally Hansen nail polish is amazing. Every single one is true to the colour, well priced and well formulated. 

The reason I singled this specific kind out is because of the features it has that the others don't. The brush is ginormous which helps to spread the polish out easier.

It has a top coat and a base coat. It lasts forever. It is the complete manicure. 

Now, I'm not getting paid for this little review but I think it's something every girl should know about when they head to this aisle. Each bottle retails for around $7-$8 which is a little more on the expensive side when it comes to drugstore polish. It is worth the money. If you need one polish that you will use over and over again, this is the one to go for. Trust me when I say this, it's so much better than O.P.I. or China Glaze. 

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, my hat is off to you. Keep making amazing nail polish and I will keep buying it!

What's your favourite brand of nail polish?




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