Shoes Shoes Shoes!

Well hello there!

Since it is spring time, I need to find a new pair of shoes. Boots are no longer an option which tosses my love for cutout ankle boots out the window. Sneakers have never really been my style aside for using them for work out purposes.

Now this leaves me with flats or sandals. I can't quite decide if it's too early for sandals or too late for flats. You might laugh at that but it's true. It's almost may so spring is coming to a pretty close end and that brings a sticky summer which brings sweaty feet for flats. Buuuut it is still cold some days so I'm not sure if it would be best to buy sandals.

I do have many of options from Urban Outfitters because I love the styles they have. I'm going to share some of them with you in hopes that you will help me pick some out!

I've never been into Birkenstock's but these lookalikes are just too cute to pass up!

These are basically a flat and a sandal!

This next one I've seen every single website say this is the new "it" shoe and I actually love it!

 Everybody needs at least one cute and wearable sneaker, right?

I'm not sure if I want to jump on the jelly trend or not, but if I did, these would be my pick.

I'm leaning more toward the sandal side, if you couldn't tell. I'm thinking of ordering the Teva's and the DV8's but the Kimchi's are also on my mind. Help me!

Which ones do you think I should order? Or do you have better options? Let me know below!




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