"Simply Curled" Hair Tutorial!

Well hello there!

I've been really loving curling my hair lately. Instead of going for an all-over curl, I decided to see how curling just the bottom would look. This kind of curl is best for people with longer hair but I wondered what it would happen on my medium hair.

I was not disappointed! I should have done some different steps to achieving this look but I know now for next time.

I didn't realize I wanted to do a tutorial until I was half done which is why the beginning isn't in pictures but it's pretty simple to follow.

Hair Preparation:
I just had a shower so my hair was wet before starting. I put in some macadamia oil and brushed it. I then blow dried my hair and it was fairly straight. I then applied a heat protectant to my hair. If you want a less poofy look I suggest straightening your hair before curling.

For my curling iron, I only have one and it's a 3/4" one from Conair. 

If you have really long hair I suggest using something bigger. I turned it on to the highest temperature.

As I had already started my second side, you can see some of the curls here. Yet again, make sure your hair is straight before curling so that the top is done.
I grabbed pretty thick strands to curl. I also made each strand bigger than the other as I worked my way to the back of my head.

Make sure to only curl the bottom part. I did enough at the bottom for 2-3 full wraps around the curling iron.

I curled my hair toward the back, so away from my face. I kept the hair on the curler as long as it took for the hair to be hot.

After I finished the one side, I hairsprayed it with a flexible hairspray.

After a couple of seconds I brushed out the curls with my fingers.

As you can tell, the top of my hair was a bit poofy. I didn't straighten it before hand but I wish I had.

I'm also wearing Vegas Volt on my lips in these pictures! I absolutely love it! It's fairly bright when applied so I dab a bit off, but it's definitely my favourite lipstick!

I decided to transition the look for the next day using the same strategy. I don't wash my hair every day so my curls stayed in over night. I brushed them out and then straightened my hair.

I decided to go for a deep parted look with the curls to one side. instead of just brushed it all over to the left side, I french braided the right side and pinned it at the back.

I then applied dry shampoo to my roots where the part was as it was looking a little flat.

I then curled my hair using the same technique as the previous day. I hairsprayed it and then brushed it out.

For my lips in this last one, I put on the Vegas Volt and applied a deep red on top and then blotted.

Anyway, that's it for the hair tutorial! Let me know if you try it out!




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