Sophisticating Crop Tops!

Well hello there!

If you read this outfit of the day post, you'd know that I said I don't wear "actual" crop tops. Buuuut if you read my shopping post, you'd know that I picked two actual crop tops up from Forever 21.

Before you go calling me a hypocrite I suggest hearing me out. Crop tops are meant to be worn to show stomach. That is their main purpose. Some girls like to show off all of their stomach and that's their prerogative (cue Britney please!). I, however, do not. I think crop tops can be worn in a way where only a bit of stomach is showing... and that's what this post is about!

Now the title might of misled you into thinking that you can wear crop tops to the office or something, but that is not the case. Crop tops are definitely not suitable for the office or for meetings or interviews if stomach is showing.

I stayed with the basic high waisted stuff because it's fairly simple; not much effort is needed to alter anything. I'm going to categorize the ways they can be worn because it makes sense.

Crop tops with pants:


Crop tops with skirts:

For this next way to wear crop tops, it takes more effort than just throwing something on the bottom. I decided to put a crop top over dresses to make it more school/office appropriate. For the first one I tucked the top half of the dress into my bra because of the neck on my crop top. For the second one I just put the top over the dress. 

Crop tops over dresses:
 Tank skater
Hi-low long strapless

I know that crop tops are seen as all bearing, but they don't have to be! My favourite way they can be worn is with a skirt! 

What's yours?




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