Sportswear Turned Street Wear!

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I'm not typically the kind of person who wears or appeals to the sporty look when buying clothes... until recently. Sporty is now becoming a huge fashion statement and it's very apparent when shopping. There's jersey's and running shoes everywhere!

Now, by sporty, I don't mean wearing gym clothes out and calling it fashion. By sporty I mean wearing a jersey under a jacket with some skinny pants, or wearing fashionable (think floral Nike's) running shoes with an otherwise classic look.

If you want to try out this sporty trend but aren't really sure how to go about it, I have some pieces that you can add into your wardrobe easily!

I'm going to start off with Lacoste, being that they have always been a sporty brand. The best part is that these pieces don't look extremely sporty (i.e., number's everywhere, mesh) and can easily be transitioned into formal wear. These items are more expensive, but they are classic enough so that you can wear them for years and years.

This is a polo dress, which takes the sporty look into a casual or formal wear. You could wear this with a nice pair of flats for day and heels for night!

If you read my "bringing back the 90's" post, you'd know that I'm extremely into windbreakers right now.

This next items are polos, what Lacoste is famous for, that can be worn with a pair of jeans and a jacket for an edgier vibe. They can also be worn with a skater skirt to make them more girly!

 Short Sleeve Ladder Stitch Pique Polo, $115

This skirt looks extremely sporty and can be hard to wear without looking like you're going to a tennis match. The reason I chose this is because along with sporty, pleated skirts are also very in right now. This can be worn a loose tanktop and a leather jacket for a date night!

For my more budget friendly store, I went with Forever 21. They stock the most current trends, but sometimes they can be a bit overwhelming. I've searched high and low for these pieces so that you didn't have to! These items kind of speak for themselves on how they look sporty and wouldn't require much effort to make them so intense.The outfits the models are wearing are how I would pair these items to make the sporty look less prominent.

A nice accessory to tie in the sporty look without sacrificing your wardrobe.

If you're trying to get into the sporty trend, I hope this helped you out a bit and maybe gave you more of a push to get into this trend!

What's your favourite sporty look?




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