Stateside Shopping!

Well hello there!

Today, my lovely cousin was kind enough to bring me over the border so I was able to do a bit of shopping. 

It's really nice out so I didn't want to be stuck in jeans, so I wore some shorts. I also wore my tiger sweater, both shorts and sweater are from H&M.

For my hair, I curled it.

For my makeup, I kept it simple. BB cream for my foundation, white eyeshadow lightly dusted on, liquid eyeliner and mascara. I also couldn't forget my EOS lip balm! I even matched my nail polish to one of my purchases!

I was all set to go!

I really wanted to go over to purchase a coral lipstick from either Sephora or mac but I wanted to get a couple of other things as well.

For the lipstick, I decided on mac because I would get less overwhelmed and they had some really nice coral shades. I went for Vegas Volt which is a really nice bright coral... perfect for summer/spring! This is my first mac lipstick and I'm so excited to use it!

We stopped into Forever21 where I got some super cheap essentials. I picked up 2 (actual) crop tops, in black and grey, for when I want to wear a high waisted skirt. I also bought a plain tshirt in a light pink/dusty lavender.

We then stopped in Urban Outfitters because it was right next door. I didn't buy any clothes in here but I got some little gifts. I bought a glass for my cousin (the pink one) and one for my friend Lori (since she asked so nicely to pick her up something). I also bought 3 chocolate bars because I couldn't resist the sayings on the box.

Overall, it was a good quick trip. It's much more convenient for me to shop in the states as it's cheaper and closer than the malls here in Canada. 

Anyway, I'm off to catch up on season 2 of Arrow! I will see (not sure if that's the right term here) you all tomorrow!




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