Styling Short Hair Daily!

Well hello there!

On Wednesday, I cut my hair! I'm fairly used to having shorter hair and it's what I'm most comfortable with. I absolutely hate having long hair. I never know what to do with it and my wavy-ness starts to just fizzle out at the ends. 

Since I've cut my hair there's obviously some things I can't do to it anymore, like a side braid. But there are still plenty of options for us girls with shoulder length hair, and I'm here to show you some that you can wear every day!

Obviously, there's straight hair. I like to give myself a side part when I have straight hair. I also like doing side braids. Straight hair is kind of boring for me though so it doesn't happen often.

When it comes to curling short hair, it gets tricky. You don't want to look like Shirley Temple, but you still want a noticeable curl. For that, I suggest going to a smaller curling iron/wand. I use a 3/4" and I love it. It gives me the right amount of wave when I want it, or nice tight curls when I'm sleeping on them for the next day.My favourite technique for wrapping the hair is lying it flat against the curling iron for the first bit and then twisting the bottom of the hair before wrapping. This way it gives me the volume on top I want without the poofiness at the bottom. 

Putting your hair up is extremely difficult when it's short. I like to cut mine long enough so that I can still wear it up because it gets hot here in Ontario, Canada if you didn't know. What you do with your ponytail is up to you, but I like mine basic and straight.

You can also do some half-up styles. I like to just pin the little bit of hair at the sides of my head with bobby pins. You can also french braid it back as well. 

When it comes to using products for a quick styling, I love Marc Anthony's Strictly Curls Curl Booster Spray. I just spray it on wet hair and scrunch it a bit. I love the wave it gives me when my hair dries naturally. It doesn't crunch up and it smells fantastic. If you want a more noticeable wave I suggest showering, spraying this in your hair, braiding your hair and then sleeping on it. It dries extremely nicely.

That's all I have! I hope its useful to you shoulder hair length ladies and even to you longer haired ladies as well!




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