The Perfect Nude!

Well hello there!

Spring 2014 is technically already here but the weather isn't really showing it which makes it difficult to wear spring clothing. That doesn't mean we have to wait to test out nail trends! Typically pastels are the spring colours but I like to make my own trends. I like to wear white, black, or milky pale colours on my nails all the time, but nude is my favourite for this spring.

Finding the perfect nude nail polish is a struggle that every girl goes through. Considering we all have different skin tones, this post won't speak for everyone as not everyone has extremely pale skin like me. But I know what it's like sifting through multiple brands to find the shade that matches the best.

I've had Revlon, which was nice but definitely not my shade. It also had a bit of sparkle to it as well which isn't anyone's skin tone unless you're Edward Cullen in the sun. 

I recently bought the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Arm Candy but it turned out to be sheer. It's a nice colour to have if you want the look of bare nails without actually having bare nails, but it's definitely not a nude.

I hadn't been completely satisfied with my findings so the search went on.... until last night when I finally found it. Essie isn't my all time favourite brand so I was a little hesitant buying it, but I just knew I needed it. I bought Sand Tropez which is literally the perfect nude for my skin tone. It's not too dark and it's not too light, it's just right.

But my journey isn't finished just yet. I've seen in so many magazines this new "nude" nail polish and I can't find it anywhere. It's be Maybelline and it's called Maybelline Limited Edition Spring 2014 Dare To Go Nude Color Collection. They have what seems to be 7 colours, one of them being a glitter top coat. They appear to be pretty close to skin tone colours which makes me really want to test them out. My search for them will not stop!

I hope this quick little post helps you out when it comes to finding the perfect nude nail polish!

What nail polish colour are you lusting after this spring?



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