When It Rains It Pours!

Well hello there!

Yesterday at 2pm I decided to go for a bike ride. It had been spitting out but I've biked in the rain before so it didn't really occur to me to stay home. So I got my bike out of the garage, put my headphones in and left.

My first instinct when I got to the corner of my street should have been "turn around and go home" but it wasn't. So I made my way to the bike trail and it started to rain a bit more. Even then the thought of going home didn't cross my mind because I knew I wouldn't be out long.

5 minutes later it was raining quite hard. I have no clue where my common sense went but it was not present. I continued.

45 minutes and a completely soaked through outfit later, it was pouring. It was raining so hard to the point where I couldn't see anything but a white screen 20 feet in front of me. I was about 10 minutes from home so I pedaled my hardest. 

I was so soaked at this point that hitting even the biggest puddles didn't phase me. 

I got home and put my bike back in the garage. Before I locked the door and went inside I decided to take a selfie to show you just how much water was dripping off my face.

I headed inside and immediately went to take off my soaked-thru clothes.

I then went and ran a bubble bath. I had already had a shower but so much dirt had collected on my skin I needed to get it off. 

But before I could get in the bath, I needed to make a tea. Tea helps everything.

If you're thinking  "MacKenzie, you're not even that wet," my hair was completely dry before I left.

So I hopped in the bath and just laid there for about 15 minutes. Bubble baths are the best things ever, I swear.

Once I got out and dried off, I knew there was only one more thing that I needed.

Fuzzy pajamas.

I also took some pictures of it raining because I needed to prove that it actually was.

Since I typically write my posts the day before, this currently happened today. I'm guaranteeing that tomorrow (today for you) I will be nurturing my sick self with tea and soup which is why I'm writing this in advance.

I'd also like to say that my next post will probably be me celebrating 1000 views so my next "fashion/beauty" post will be on the 17th!

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Thanks for reading! 




  1. Love your blogs, Kenz! Your writing is phenomenal! (not sure if I spelled that correctly! lol) Keep up the good work!!!! xox


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