Where In The World Will I Go This Summer?

Well hello there!

My latest posts have been about things I've been obsessed with or really heartfelt topics. They're probably my favourite things to write about, obviously since I write about them so much, but I like to change it up sometimes. 

I love the idea of travelling but I haven't done much of it. I've never been on a plane. I've never been on a roadtrip longer than 10 hours. I've never been on a cruise... a lot of things that people have done by now. 

But I have been to a few places: Ottawa, Erie Pennsylvania and New York City. 

I liked Ottawa, it's honestly really beautiful. I went in November of last year and it snowed for the first time this winter season. Very cold, but really lovely.

In Pennsylvania I've been to Splashlagoon, a huge indoor waterpark. I went when I was a kid so it was really fun and I would really recommend it.

Now New York. The Big Apple. The city of my dreams. I loved New York. It was an art trip so it consisted of The Met, the MOMA, the Guggenheim, and other museums. It also involved going to see the Statue of Liberty by ferry, the 9/11 tribute, Times Square, Wall Street, extremely tourist areas. It was February when we went and boy oh boy was it cold. We went by bus, an 8 hour trip and got there at like 11pm. I wanted to just sleep since I couldn't on the bus, but everyone wanted to see Times Square. It was a good trip but I was completely exhausted and I didn't pack properly so I didn't fully enjoy myself. I would love to go back this summer to just walk around everywhere and really explore.

If I'm not mistaken, there is a really amazing line up this summer for some festival in New York so I may just have to pass on the whole "paying my student loan back" to go.

I would also love to road trip to Vegas for the Life Is Beautiful festival in October. 

Greece is my ultimate travel destination. I've been in love with the idea of the country since I was 10. I think that once I completely pay off my loan and save up enough for a trip out there, I'm definitely going to go.

I'd love to see France and England and Italy, just like everyone else in the world but that would be something I'd do when I'm much older so I can really appreciate it.

Another country I'd love to visit is Indonesia. My friend went for her reading week and she had such a good time that it made me want to book a flight out right that second.

Another road trip I'd love to do this summer is to California. Even if it's just for a weekend, I think it's something totally worth seeing. 

One place I don't think I'd ever want to go to is Florida. Everyone in the entire world goes to Florida and I've heard so many basic "I went to Disneyland", "I laid on the beach", "I partied with the old people at the nursing home where my grandma lives" stories that it just doesn't appeal to me. Maybe when I'm 80 and can't be bothered with the snow anymore.

As for cruises, I would never ever ever ever go on one. I hate boats. Fantastic idea of travelling for others, not so much for me.

Basically, this summer I would love to road trip with my friends. So, how about getting that passport Lori? I'm sure Ana will already have days planned by the end of this post. Are you guys up for it?

Even if nobody is willing to go with me, I'll still be going!

What places would you love to travel to?




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