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The warmer weather is here! It's time to ditch all that pale winter makeup and head for the summer stuff! Normally, I hate wearing makeup in the summer because it's either melting off my face or I'm somewhere (at the beach or a pool) where it's not practical.

Since I am pale all year long and have naturally extremely rosy cheeks, I like to wear something on my face to make me more tan and get rid of the rosiness. That's where my favourite little product takes the spotlight.

BB cream, also known as beauty balm, is something I've recently just fell in love with. BB cream isn't a foundation because it is a sheer coverage. With that, you can go to a darker shade for the summer without it being so obvious that it's not your actual skin tone. The best thing about this product for the summer is that it's extremely lightweight. You literally can't feel it on your skin at all, unlike foundation.

But that's not all these little tubes have to offer! The one I use has SPF 30 in it! Whenever you look for a face makeup for the summer, you need to make sure there is SPF in the product. Skin safety is something I'm extremely cautious about (mainly because I only burn) and it's something you need to make sure to take care of. It also allows you to not have to worry about the greasy look of sunscreen on your face!

The only one I've used is Maybelline Dream Fresh, mainly because I find Maybelline does really nice face makeup. The best part is that the little bottle lasts so long, and you don't need a lot when you apply. My correct shade is the Light/Medium Sheer Tint but I have used the Medium Sheer Tint which makes me a bit more tan.

 I apologize that this one is blurry! If you can't read it, it lists the 8 benefits: SPF 30, helps blur the look of imperfections, natural looking glow, skin looks smoother, compliments skin tone, hydrates, feels fresh, oil free

 This is the lighter shade

 I blended it into my hand. As you can see, it's barely visible.

 The two shades compared.

This is with both of them blended in. As you can tell, there's literally almost no coverage with either product. 

Make sure to check this product out for the summer!




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