British & Australian Invasion!

Well hello there!

If you've ever seen my iTunes, which not many people have, you'd know the majority of the artists are from overseas. For some reason I'm extremely appealed to the music they make and it takes up the majority of my phone's memory.

I thought today, since I'm having major writer's block and I would like to lay in bed all day and listen to music, it'd be nice to share some of the artists I love with you.

First off, we'll start with Garbielle Aplin. She has such a nice calming voice that puts me in a relaxing mood. My favourite song of hers is Salvation, but she has many more beautiful songs like Home, Reverse, and Please Don't Say You Love Me.

James Blunt is my next choice for artists. You may know of him from his ever popular song You're Beautiful, but his new ones are really nice as well. Bonfire Heart is my absolute favourite but I also do enjoy Face The Sun.

The Paper Kites are the first Australian band I'm choosing to share with you. Their song Bloom is such a beautiful song, so much so that I can't even describe it. You'll just have to listen for yourself!

This next one is also from Australia but they're actually brother and sister! Angus and Julia Stone are considered to be a folk group which is really obvious in their song Big Jet Plane, which just happens to be my favourite.

This next band has been popular but is no longer on the music circuit, which is extremely unfortunate. The Kooks are more of a rock band than these other artists but they're definitely worth listening to. I really like Naive and actually I found it through Tumblr, so thanks to whomever posted it!

Getting into the more popular people, Mumford & Sons have come to be my most listened to group... even above One Direction (which won't be making an appearance besides here on this list because frankly it's a little embarrassing). There is not a song on their Babel album that isn't to die for and I'd like to thank Amanda for allowing me to add it to my library! I'm choosing to share with you Ghosts That We Knew because I think it's really overlooked and should have been, in my opinion, one of their singles.

Passenger is someone who has become uber famous from his song Let Her Go but that isn't where his talent ends. He is such an amazing singer I'm beyond shocked that none of his other amazing songs have hit radio yet. One that I recommend listening to is The Last Unicorn.

Staying on track with popular British musicians, Ed Sheeran is my next artist. Obviously you know about him but if you didn't buy the deluxe version of his first album, you might have not heard of this song. Autumn Leaves is so stunningly gorgeous, it will never leave my music library.

Coldplay is another one you've most likely heard of as they've been around forever it feels like, but that doesn't make them unworthy of this list. Fix You has become my current favourite.

There is obviously so many more artists I could add to this list but for right now, I'm going to go plug my headphones in and listen to all these amazing songs.

Who's your favourite artist from overseas?




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