Changes Coming Soon!

Well hello there!

I wasn't able to post yesterday as I had been out all day and by time I came home I just wanted to eat and relax. If you were waiting for a post, I apologize but I m back on schedule!

I actually wanted to discuss some changes for my posts to create more of a uniform/schedule for the blog. I've been writing for about 2 months or so, with over 2300 pageviews and a tiny e-mail following, so I think this might grow my audience a little more. With this, you'll be able to look forward to certain posts each day and it will guarantee that I post each and every day no matter the circumstances I'm under.

In this post I'm going to explain the schedule and what to expect out of the posts. I know this might seem boring right now, but I honestly think it'll help to expand this blog. My overall goal with this blog is to write and express my opinions and such, but also to get more than just my friends and family to read it. Anyway, I'll get on with the schedule!

Sleeping Beauty Sunday: Each and every Sunday will be dedicated to makeup. This can include makeup looks I'm loving or hating, what's trending in makeup, or even my favourite makeup products. It can also include reviews, which as you know, I like to do. 

Mani Monday: Monday will be all about nails! From trends to favourites, some how to's as well, it will all be covered on this day!

Tuesday Tunes: I'm a pretty big music person. I can't sleep unless I have my music which is what Tuesday is for! I'll be sharing one new band with you every single week so that you can upgrade your playlist to get you through the week!

What To Wear Wednesday: Not really sure what to wear for a date this weekend? Not really up to day with trends? Wednesday is your day! I will be talking ALL about fashion specifically on this day!

Tutorial Thursday: Thursday is for tutorials! Anything that I can teach you how to do will be on Thursday! It might not always be beauty or hair related; this can also include cooking or even DIY stuff!

Friday Favourites: Last Friday I explained my love for Lauren Conrad's Friday Favourites, so I tested it out on here and I really enjoyed writing it! This will happen every single Friday, and if you want to see an example, head on over to the first one I did!

Seriously?!? Saturday: This is the day of the week where I kind of discuss what's happening in the world. It's basically a discussion or a rant, depending on what's been occupying my mind!

If you have any ideas as to changes or suggestions for me, feel free to comment them below! These changes won't be taking affect until next week, starting May 25. 

I hope you like the schedule and types of post that plan on coming. I'm sorry this post was kind of boring, but tomorrow's will be more interesting, I promise!

Thanks for reading my posts and following along with me! If you don't want to subscribe by e-mail to know when I post, like my Facebook page and/or follow me on Twitter!




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