Handmade Mother's Day Card Tutorial!

Well hello there!

If you haven't figured out by now, I'm quite artsy. I love making my own cards because the people at Hallmark are personable enough for me. Buuut since I'm now considered an actual adult, I thought I should make an adult card.

Basically all that means is that instead of using plain white paper, I used cardstock and spent more time on it. Overall, this card took me about 2 or 3 hours mainly because I didn't have a plan.

The items needed are as follows:

  • Cardstock (I bought 2 types of colours)
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Fine point black Sharpie

I bought the cardstock and Sharpies at Walmart, which cost me $15, but they'll last for a while.

Now to get into the card. I chose to use yellow as the base of my card because I wanted to keep my pink for other occasions. Obviously you can substitute with whatever colours you want to use, but I stuck with a yellow/beige/purple/white theme.

Fold your yellow sheet directly in half. I taped the edges together and then pressed down with the ruler to crease it so it was perfectly even. Then I decided I wanted to make the card 3D-ish, so I drew some lines across it. The thicker section (calling this section 1) is 3.5 inches by 5.5 inches and the thinner (calling this section 2) is 1.5 inches by 8.5 inches. (All measurements will be in inches from here on out)

I took the darker of the beige colours in my black and white cardstock pack and made it the same size as section 1. I decided I wanted to put the lighter beige one on top of this to raise it higher so I marked around the edges 1/8th of an inch. 

Then I cut out the lighter beige one to the size I wanted (1/8th of an inch less on all sides than the darker one). I taped this on to the darker one.

Then for section 2, instead of cutting a long strip, I cut two small ones. The dark beige measured 1.5 by 2.5. I did the same procedure as last time bringing the lighter one in 1/8th of an inch all the way around and taped it on top.

Then I glued all of these onto the card into their appropriate sections.

I decided I wanted to make section 1 look like an envelope so I put a dot on the middle and drew out toward the corners to make triangles. I measured it all (3.25 long by 3.25 for both diagonals) and drew it onto the light beige cardstock. I cut them out and taped them down.

Now in order to show that it was meant to be an envelope I needed to put a "letter" inside of it. So I measured out on the plain white cardstock what I would need to make it look right with the envelope. Then I taped it down.

Since it's a Mother's Day card I wrote Happy Mother's Day on it because that's reasonable.

This looked really plain to me so I added some purple dots to the outside. I forgot to mention that you need a single hole puncher. I glued all the dots down individually.

I didn't really like how there was just random purple everywhere without tying into something else so I added a purple strip to section 2. I cut 1 by 2 inch sections for both. I fitted the top strip to fit the letter so it didn't overlap, and then I taped it them down.

I was bored with the way the plain purple looked so I added some plain white dots on top of that, which I also glued down. I also glued a little purple dot where the two triangles meet because that wasn't staying down.

Finally the front was complete. Now for the inside. I wanted to put flowers somewhere on it because it is mother's day after all. So I cut out a flower pot. I didn't measure any of it, I just kind of drew it (with a ruler obviously), but do not make the pot longer than 5.5 inches as that is the size of half the card. I also cut some of it off the bottom because I wanted to put longer stems on my flowers. I taped the pot down. For the stems I cut 3 equally long and thin green strips and glued them down.

I decided to go with purple and white tulip looking flowers to keep in theme with spring and the colours. I drew a purple leaf looking thing and cut it out. Then I traced that 2 more times on the purple and 6 times on the white. I taped the purple down first and then the white over top.

I decided to add some little leaves to the bottom of the stems. I used the same leaf template thing I drew for the flowers and traced it onto the green 4 times. Then I cut the leaves in half to make it look like they were sticking out of the pot. I glued these down. To make them stand out from the yellow, I traced everything with the Sharpie. For the leaves I kind of squiggled the outline to make them look like actual leaves.

Almost done! If you have a message or poem or something you want written in the card, you're free to write that. I chose to just write something simple because I'm not really all that mushy. 

I left the opposite side of the inside blank because Lori told me to do so. Probably a good choice because I would have gone overboard and made it look super cluttered.

You're all finished now! Congratulations! You now have a very beautiful mother's day card that took a long time to make. Hopefully your mother appreciates it!

If you're wondering why I would post this before mother's day because you think there might be a chance my mother would see it... her computer is broken... thankfully! If you want an envelope you're probably going to have to steal one from somewhere, but you didn't hear that from me!

What are you getting your mom for mother's day?




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