Mani Monday: Essie Collection!

Well hello there!

Today is Monday which means it's all about nails! I would have loved to do a tutorial for a nail art look but since my nails are in really bad condition, it's best that I wait until they're healthy again! For now I'm just going to show you some of the polishes I have in my collection!

I posted before a little bit about my collection saying that I had about 90, threw 10 out and donated 40 and kept 40. But time has passed and I've started buying again....

One of the brands I have a significant amount of is Essie! Essie is a very well known brand that has gorgeous colours and comes out with new collections all the time. They have everything from neutrals to brights and even some glitters. 

I love Essie because they last me a while and the colours are really well pigmented. The brush is one of my least favourites but that's okay because everything else is really nice. I also like how the bottle looks extremely classy compared to some other brands, and how the sticker with the name is written in the colour of the polish!

Enough with the chatter, time to get on with the collection! The pictures of each bottle don't really capture the essence of the colour but I did swatch them so look for that at the end!

 Set In Stone: a silver glitter top coat

 Bahama Mama: a red wine shade

 Sew Psyched: an army green shade

 Ballet Slippers: an opaque milky pink shade

 Sand Tropez: a light nude shade

 Go Overboard: a deep sea blue shade

 Merino Cool: a dark beige shade

In The Cab-Ana: a bright teal blue shade

I only have 8 but my collection will continue to grow! Here's a swatch of all the colours as promised! The first picture is more clear but the second one shows the colours best.

Thumb: In The Cab-Ana & Sew Psyched
Pointer: Go Overboard & Set In Stone
Middle: Ballet Slippers & Merino Cool
Ring: Bahama Mama
Pinky: Sand Tropez

I hope you like this little collection showcase! For the next couple of Mani Monday's I'll just be showing my collection so that I can really get my nails healthy and ready for tutorials!

Be sure to check out tomorrow's Tuesday Tunes as I've discovered some new bands recently!

What's your favourite Essie colour?




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