My Everyday Makeup Tutorial!

Well hello there!

I am not a makeup guru or a professional or anything like that, but I do like makeup. I feel more confident when I'm wearing makeup because I know I spent quite a bit of time putting it on. Is that ideal? Probably not, but I kind of don't care!

This tutorial is more based on my work makeup because I don't wear this much makeup every day. On an everyday basis I just use concealer and mascara; sometimes I fill my eyebrows in just a touch.

Enough with the chitter chatter, time to get on with the tutorial!

Start with a clean, moisturized face!

If you have spots, like I do, use concealer. I use Maybelline New York in 110.

  Apply it where needed.

Pat it in with your fingers.

I put some under my eyes and on my eyelids.

Pat that in.

For "foundation" I used Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB cream in Light/Medium with a stippling brush.

I put some on my hand...

And then put a bit on my brush...

And then stipple it on. Don't forget to blend into your neck!

 I don't like the shiny look it gives so I put powder over it. I use Covergirl's loose powder with this fluffy brush.

I put a little in the lid.

And I lightly brush a tiny bit on my face.

Next for the brows. I use a brow brush along with wet n wild coloricon brow liner in taupe.

I use the comb like side, without the bristles, to put my brows into place.

I very lightly fill them in with the liner to make them look as natural as possible.

I use Rimmel London Gel Liner in black. It's really easy to apply.

Put a bit on the brush it comes with.

I tight line my eyes to make it look like the liner is a bit more natural.

To which my eyes started watering.

Then I dot my eyeliner on, right on my lash line.

 I choose to do a thinner line than most people because too much is overwhelming for my eyes.

I also don't do a wing, but if you'd like to that's your choice.

I forgot to do my eyeshadow before the liner so I did it after. I take my eye contour brush and some white shadow...

Then put it in my inner corners. It makes my eyes look more awake.

I put a shiny "highlighter" eyeshadow, and with the same brush...

Apply it under my eyebrow arch.

I like to do a darker colour, like this brown colour...

and apply it to the outer bit of my eyelid.

It's not extremely noticeable here, but it does show up in person.

For mascara, I use this Femme Couture XXL Monster Lash in black.

I do 1 coating on my upper lashes.

I don't put any mascara on my bottom lashes because it smudges while I'm working. If you'd like to do it, just do a light coating.

For my lips I use EOS Sweet Mint lip balm.

That's it!

I hope you liked this tutorial!




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