Not Your Dad's Style!

Well hello there!

You're probably really confused by the title of this post, but you'll understand shortly.

Normally, I wouldn't be telling you to follow style advice from your dad. We all know that as soon as a man becomes a dad, his entire life is spent embarrassing his children. Even when it comes to what he's wearing. But hell has frozen over.

Yes, it is happening. Fashion advice from your dad is now acceptable in the form of...

socks and sandals.

We've all sinned and done this, especially when we're lazy, but now it's actually a fashion statement. It's actually acceptable.

So I'm here to show you how to do it, because let's face it your dad would tell you to throw on a pair of ratty fraying sandals with some holey socks, and that is not the look we're going for.

Bright patterned socks with a super plain sandal are a really nice contrast that are for the more daring person.


For a more edgier basic look, I would suggest doing just black and white. Adding a ruffle to the socks really girly's this up, and the jelly shoes makes it different than normal.

Yet again with a edgier classic look, you can go with a more manly shoe and a girly sock.

This look is for those that don't want to be as daring as others. Choose a strappy sandal and a very basic sock and you'll be good to go!

This one is my favourite out of all the pairings. I like how the grey sock not only contrasts with the pink shoe, but also with the gold buckle. I had a hard time choosing which colour shoe for this pairing, any would have been perfect!

I like healed strappy sandals with a girl sock more than I do Birkenstocks with a basic ankle sock. The choice is yours, but choose wisely!

What's one new trend that you never thought would be a trend?




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