Over The Shoulder Double French Braid Tutorial!

Well hello there!

I've been wanting to do a braided hair tutorial for a little bit, but since I've cut my hair, it's been pretty hard. Last night I had to watch my little cousin, Jamey-Lynne, who has extremely long hair for a child. So I asked her if I could do her hair and then made a tutorial out of it.

I was originally going to do Elsa's hair from Frozen but since Jamey-Lynne's hair is so thin it would have been hard to get it just right.

This hair tutorial requires french braiding, so if you don't know how to do it you might want to learn, or have someone else that knows how to do it. This can easily be done to your own hair, I've done it many times on mine when it was longer, it just takes more patience.

First you need to start off with brushed hair.

Once the hair is all brushed, side part it toward the opposite side of what shoulder you'd like the braid to drape over. In other words, if you want the hair over your right shoulder, part it more heavily to the left.

Take a section big enough to start a braid but small enough so that it doesn't use the entire front section of the hair. 

Braid it normally twice. By that I mean crossing hair over each other twice (left over the middle, right over the new middle).

Now start french braiding. I take sections on each side of the braid, but it's up to you if you only want to take it to one. 

Braid diagonally toward the back of the head and down to the neck.

Once you have run out of hair to pull into the braid for this section, braid the rest of the hair normally and tie it off.

There should be a section of hair that isn't in the braid from which you side parted at the beginning. You're going to braid that the same way you did the other section. Only, this time, you're going to braid directly down to meet the other braid.

Once you have run out of hair to pull, hold the three sections separately but in one hand. Undo the other braid which has been tied off until you reach the part where it's french braided. Find the 3 strands of hair and add them to the braid you have in your hand. To do this, I take the farthest strand and add it to the farthest from the face strand of the other braid and so on and so forth. 

This part is the easiest as all you do is now braid normally over the shoulder. There will probably be hair sticking out of the braid which is okay because you can pin it down after. You can tie this off with a normal elastic or you can even use a bow, the choice is yours!

And that's it!

This hair is really nice for the days when you want hair out of your face but don't want a basic pony. It's also nice for kids because the hair is out of their face for the entire day but they don't look like they've just rolled out of bed.

I hope you like this hair tutorial! Let me know in the comments what other kinds of tutorials you'd like me to do!




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