Simple Eyeliner Tutorial!

Well hello there!

I'm going to make this introduction nice and short for you so we can head right into the tutorial.

I've been asked by many people how I do my eyeliner. I tell them "I tightline and then put it on the top" but that doesn't really explain to them exactly how. So, I'll show you in pictures!

The eyeliner I use is Rimmel London's Gel Eyeliner. It's really easy to use and comes with it's own brush. It lasts forever because you don't need a lot and it lasts on your eyes too!

I dip the brush into the pot to get a bit of eyeliner on it. I don't use a whole chunk even though it looks like it. This entire chunk here did both of my eyes, all of it.

This next step might freak you out if you don't like people touching eyes. I lift up my eyelid and find my waterline (the flat part under your eyelashes). I drag my brush lightly along the entire thing. This helps to define my lashes from eyeballs and really makes it stand out. If I'm ever in a hurry or don't feel like doing top eyeliner, this is the only step I do.

For the top liner, I find the middle of my eye and place a dot there. This dot helps me decide where I should go thicker or thinner.

Next, I do the worst thing possible for eyes, and I stretch it out to make it flat. Sorry future self for all the wrinkles you will encounter. From the dot out, I make as straight a line as possible until the end.

At this point, you can add a flick at the end, I don't, so I move to the next step. From the middle part to the inner corner, I do a thinner line. I try to make it so that it gets thinner the closer I get to the corner.

Overall, I try to make a straight narrowing line across my entire eyeball.

Yes, the liner from the waterline will transfer to your bottom waterline, just clear it up. It will also get into the corner of your eyes so you need to watch for that as well.

This liner turned out kind of thick for my liking, I normally do it a lot thinner. For that one I just dot it on instead of dragging my brush across my eyelid. The choice is yours. 

You now have to replicate it onto the other eye. This will be difficult and it's okay if they're not the exact same.

That's it! This took me about 5 minutes in total, including taking the pictures. Obviously your first time will take longer and will require a lot of use of Q-Tips and makeup remover. Don't rush and keep your hands as steady as possible!

Hope you liked this little tutorial!




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