Sleeping Beauty Sunday: First Edition!

Well hello there!

Welcome to the first ever sleeping beauty Sunday post! This is in accordance to my posting schedule and will be brought to you every single week!

Sleeping Beauty Sunday is all about makeup! Today's post specifically focuses on eyeliner. I've used a lot of eyeliner since I've started wearing makeup and I'm going to share with you what I've learned.

Eyeliner is the first most noticeable makeup girls start wearing and it's probably one of the last things they'll wear before ditching makeup altogether. The reason is because eyeliner can dramatically change your appearance. You can look wide eyed, sultry, edgy, classic; basically anything! It's a beautiful thing!

Now with that being said, there are 3 basic types of eyeliner that can be bought. Each has a different purpose and it's really distracting when someone uses the wrong one. I'm going to break down each of three so that, depending on what look you're going for, you can buy and use accordingly.

We'll start with the most basic one, pencil eyeliner. Pencil is the first thing girl's start out with and that's because it's easy. The look a pencil gives you is a soft, natural looking eye. It's best for giving a tiny bit of pop to your eye, and also for smudging. Pencils are also great for lining waterlines. I typically buy retractable ones because then I don't have to sharpen them all the time. The downfall to using pencils is that they break and once they're wet it takes a bit to make them work again. But if you don't want to fuss around and spend a while trying to figure out the perfect application, definitely get a pencil liner.

From super easy to moderate, next is gel liner. This is the liner I use now and I love it. It's really bold and once you get the hang of it, easy to apply. Gel liners normally come in little pots, some with a brush and some without. The thing about gel liner is that, like a pencil, you can really focus on what look you want and where exactly you want the liner to go. I have heard of gel liners that come in pen form but I haven't seen them nor have I used one. If you're looking for something bold, easy to apply and long wearing, this is the liner for you! If you want to see how I apply it, head on over to my simple eyeliner tutorial to get an idea of the look it gives!

Now for the current most popular and hardest to apply, liquid liner. I used liquid long before I used gel and I just could not get the hang of it. Like gel, it's used for bold looks and also for doing really sharp cat eyes. Liquid is hard to use because if you mess up a tiny bit it is extremely noticeable. You need a very steady hand and also the ability to make it symmetrical. The thing I find about liquid liner is that it doesn't last as long as gel liner which I think is a waste of time putting it on. Normally it takes about 10-15 minutes to get both eyes the exact same and to clean up any messes which are made. Obviously once a technique is formed it gets easier but it takes a very long long while to get it perfect.

There are more than these 3 types of eyeliner but these are the basics. I've used each one of these three and, as you can probably tell, I dislike the liquid liner the most. I do suggest picking it up and trying it if you have the time and patience because you may love it. I just went on what I've learned throughout my years of eyeliner!

I hope this helps you to decipher which liner you should be using! Watch out for tomorrow's Mani Monday post!

What liner is your favourite?




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