Take a Hike With Me!

Well hello there!

About 2 weeks ago I went on a hike around Niagara Falls. I was meaning to write this blog post earlier but things just got out of control and I lost track of time and days and my mind. So I'm posting this now while waiting for my beloved J. Crew hat to arrive at my door.

To start off, I had to wake up at 5:30am to drive with my mom to her work. These were my sunrise views.

After I dropped her off at work, I decided to go for my hike. I went down to the gorge at 7am. These are the stairs leading down.

The "path" I had to walk to get to the water.

Panaroma's of the hike to the water.

On my way I went.

Besides the early morning fishermen, I had the entire spot to myself. It was beautiful.

Since it had rained and the ground thawed, I was covered in mud.

After sitting there for 45 minutes, I hiked back up.

After getting back up, I walked around up top.

These are top views of whirlpool/water where I was sitting.

 After I went back to my mom's work for her break, I decided to walk around Dufferin Islands and down by the falls.

This was the old power plant.

This is the new one.

This is the Canadian side of the falls, or otherwise known as the Horseshoe Falls.

These are the kinds of tourists we deal with on a daily basis. This was a Tuesday.

I started walking back and saw these pretty trees.

And then I got kind of close to a goose.

That's it! I also walked around Queenston Heights but my phone died so I couldn't take any pictures. 

What do you like to do on a nice day?




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