Things Boys Don't Know About Clothes!

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Lately I've noticed a lot of guys do not know much about clothes. I don't mean they don't know the trends because even I don't know men's trends, but I mean that they don't know basic facts that us women think as common knowledge. This isn't to anyone in particular just to the overall population of men on this planet.

The first and probably the most important tidbit of knowledge is that suits can be tailored. A well fitting suit can really transform a guy and can make them look extremely attractive. But when pants pool around your ankles and the jacket looks like it swallowed your torso, you only look like a child who is dressing up. The only thing that you can't tailor to your body for the blazer is the shoulders. Every thing else can be changed, so please go see a tailor. Yes, it costs more money to get alterations, but I promise you that you will look soooooo much better. The same goes with pants. They can be shortened very easily. A tailor will make a suit look like it was made for your body, instead of looking like you just pulled a size off the wall.

A side note to this is that cufflinks, tie clips and a well fitting tie can really help you out when it comes to a suit!

To go with the whole suit category, you need a nice pair of dress shoes. No, your flappy tongue sneakers will not cut it no matter what you think. You don't need to look like a businessman when wearing a suit, but trust me when I say shoes either make or break an outfit. Black dress shoes will go with any suit, so you only need one pair, until they start deteriorating. But please do not wear sneakers with a suit.

(source) (this link tells you how to wear them and look proper, unlike Andy Samberg)

I find most guys make major mistakes when it comes to their bottom half. One of my biggest pets peeves when it comes to guy's dressing habits is that they wear tube socks with shorts. I will never understand a guy who is complaining of the heat, ripping his shirt off, yet wearing tube socks. Doing this is literally the equivalent of wearing crocs. Actually, as a matter of fact, you could be wearing crocs with tube socks and I'd notice the socks more. Invest in some ankle socks for your own sake.

Moving on up the body, we're stopping at the waist. I understand that sagging your pants gives you freedom and "style points" with other people, but if I can see more than the band of your underwear, you need a belt. And when I say wear a belt, I don't mean have it so loose that your pants still sag. You look like an idiot with your pants hanging so low that you have to waddle like a penguin. At this point, you might as well wear those diaper pants Justin Bieber is wearing. Pull up your pants, tighten your belt and the world will be a better place.

Now this next little information I'm about to throw your way is advice from every single girl on the planet, so hear me loud and clear. JUST BECAUSE THERE ARE STRIPES IN PLAID DOES NOT MAKE IT OKAY TO WEAR STRIPES AND PLAID TOGETHER. Let me repeat this. There will never be a point in time where wearing stripes and plaid says something other than "I do not own a mirror." When girls mix prints we follow rules from magazines and we look in the mirror for a solid 40 minutes before deciding it looks okay. You need to do the same. If the only clean clothes you have are a striped shirt and plaid shorts you need to remain indoors until you have something else to wear outside.

Assuming you do laundry, or will have to do laundry at some point in your life, this next topic is vital for you to know. Clothes shrink. If a piece of clothing fits you perfectly when you buy it, you shouldn't be putting it in the dryer. You know those annoying tags that everyone cuts out of their clothes? Yeah, that's important. The symbols tell you how exactly to wash that piece of clothing. The square symbol has to do with drying. If the circle inside of the square is coloured, it means no heat but it can be put in the dryer. If there is dots, 1 means low heat, 2 means medium, 3 means high. If there is an 'x' on this symbol, DO NOT PUT IT IN THE DRYER. It will shrink. Hang these items of clothing to dry and they will fit you perfectly until the end of time. 

Another short little bit of information about laundry, your clothes do need to be separated. Unless you buy the new laundry detergent where you don't have to separate, but let's pretend you don't. If your clothing looks "light" to you, that is one load. If it is dark, that is another load. They do not go together. Another thing is laundry detergent can't just be poured in, it needs to be measured. The cup over the detergent spout is a measuring cup and it tells you how much you need. Or just buy Tide Pods. I'm sure you don't want to be cleaning detergent suds off the floor if you overflow the machine.

Hopefully, you have learned something from this post. These are important pieces of information that can really make or break your wardrobe. You don't have to follow the latest trends so long as you follow these rules. 

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