Tuesday Tunes: Passenger!

Well hello there!

I'd like to start this post off by saying thank you to all those who are subscribed via e-mail to my blog. There is now 11 of you lovely people out there and I couldn't even begin to explain how happy and surprised I am. Thank you so much for being subscribed! 

Now getting back on track with the post of the day!

It is Tuesday, which means it's all about the music! You probably have heard of today's featured artist because they're very well known for the song "Let Her Go," but Passenger has a lot more to offer than just one song.

Not to sound all hipster cliché, but I found Passenger's music a couple of months before Let Her Go hit radio. Oddly enough, that song wasn't my favourite out of the ones I have downloaded but quickly became super popular with everyone. I feel like people discredit Passenger a lot by just listening to the one song on the radio which is why I'd like to bring you into this little melancholic music bubble I have going on.

My ultimate favourite Passenger song is called The Last Unicorn. The title sounds silly but this song has a really nice meaning to it. Basically, these 2 people both have gotten out of relationships which their hearts are still invested in and they try to find that same connection with each other but they can't and they both know it. Give it a listen and I'm sure you'll understand why I love it so much.

I See Love is a nice song as well. All of Passenger's songs are slow and easy to listen to but they have really meaningful lyrics. This one in particular is about love, obviously, and just those things that are experienced in the process.

To get into some of Passenger's newer stuff, I am completely smitten with Hearts On Fire and Whispers. Both are beautiful songs, just like all of his other ones. These two songs make me so excited for this entire new album to be released. I'll be buying it the second it is out!

Never discredit an artist by listening to the only song that's hit radio, they might actually surprise you with some of the stuff that won't ever be played in the car!

What's your favourite Passenger song?




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