What Not To Wear: Short Edition!

Well hello there!

Being short is something I specialize in as I've been 5'3" since I was 12. There are so many issues with clothes that come with being short I don't think a lot of people really realize it. But that's not what this post is about.

I know that most short girls try to make themselves look taller through clothing and shoes, me being one of them. However, there are some things us short ladies need to avoid because they do the worst thing possible... make us look shorter. No one wants that!

So I'm here to show you what not to wear if you're short!

The first thing is Mary Janes. Heels or flats, it doesn't matter. These shoes will cut your leg off (not literally) and make you look much shorter than you are!

Midi skirts and dresses are extremely in style for this spring but you need to avoid them like the plague! They may look harmless and beautiful but it's either going to hit in the most awkward place on your calf or make you look like you have 7 inch legs. We want neither.

Thigh/knee high boots are just no nos. You might think that these don't look too bad on short girls but they do the same thing as midi length things and cut your leg to look extremely short, except this time it's your thigh.

Maxi skirts and dresses are absolutely stunning and can actually make you look taller, but please make sure that the skirt stays off the ground. The second it starts to drag on the ground you have lost the illusion of being tall and just look like a little girl wearing her mommy's clothes for dress up.

I haven't talked much about clothing for your upper half because it's kind of hard to shorten that but there is something that will ruin your entire body proportion. If you wear a blazer or some kind of shirt that is meant to sit at your hips and it goes past that, you need to get it shortened. You might elongate your torso but you are cutting off your legs.

Another thing you will have to shorten is your pants/jeans. It's okay to roll them but there are some that you just need to hem up because it doesn't look great when it gathers at your ankles. Yes I am guilty of just leaving it so this isn't a major rule when it comes to leggings/stretchy pants, but it definitely needs to be taken care of with jeans.

One thing that you have to look for also when you buy pants is that they sit either low rise or high rise. Obviously high rise is when you want them to be high rise, but low rise will sit just perfectly on you. If the pants/jeans are mid rise it will become an unwanted high rise that isn't actually high rise.

At this point in time, that's really all I can think of but there might be a part two if I come across more!

What other what not to wear posts should I do?




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