What To Wear Wednesday: Jeans!

Well hello there!

It's Wednesday which means I'll be telling you what you should be wearing! Today's post is about jeans! If you didn't know, I recently just started working at Buffalo Jeans. I work in stock so I see all of the clothes that come through the store, and frankly I think I know quite a bit about jeans now.

Jeans are obviously essentials for every person on this Earth. Choosing the right kind is difficult for some people. Since there are so many mistakes with jeans that people make I'm going to break it down into multiple parts, today focusing on women's styles.

Flare, Skinny, Bootcut, High Rise Flare, Straight, Boyfriend and then obviously shorts.

There's the obvious skinny jean. Those jeans are meant for people up to the age of 40. If you are over that, please please please stay clear of skinny jeans. That being said, every other person should own one pair of skinny jeans. They're very classic looking and can be dressed up or down. 

Jeans also come in super skinny. These ones have a smaller ankle opening and made more to fit every single crevice on someone. Like skinny jeans,  any younger person can wear them, but they're not a necessity.

Jeggings are the ultimate form of skinny jeans. They aren't actual denim, but they look exactly like it while feeling as comfortable as leggings. I don't wear actual jeans since I've started wearing jeggings and I don't think I'll ever go back.

Straight is the extremely basic jean that every single person in the world needs to own, no matter the age. To give your legs a little breathing room without changing the shape of your legs, wear a straight jean. These kinds of jeans are nice when you have a fitted shirt because it balances everything out. 

Bootcut was very popular back in 2005ish and has kind of fazed out since. These are the kinds of jeans older people not only like but should wear. They're also nice for people with bigger thighs because it makes them look smaller. Bootcut is kind of hard to wear with certain tops so dress accordingly.

Flare is the next jean style, but probably the least popular. They are extremely difficult to wear and make people look like they're in 70's. Unless you specifically want flare, stay clear of them.

Boyfriend jeans are a new style for women, and they're as comfy as they sound. They're extremely relax and baggy and can actually look really classy with a pair of heels. I'd leave these jeans to us younger people because they can look sloppy when older people wear them.

That's it for women's jeans styles! There's obviously a lot more to jeans than just the style, but I'll go over that on other Wednesdays!

What's your favourite style of jean?




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