Buh-Bye Paycheck!

Well hello there!

Normally when a company or random person follows me on Twitter, I just push it aside without a second thought. Today has been a bit different. I received a "follow" from something called No Fashion Deadline so I clicked on their profile and saw a link to a website. I clicked that and to my surprise it wasn't a blog but a women's shopping website. Curiosity obviously got the best of me so I looked around, and I fell in love with some pieces. I thought it might be nice to shine some light on this hidden (to me) company and show you some of the things I like!

 Aztec Blue Maxi Dress, $81.00

 Sunny Spot Dress, $79.00

 Jackson Dress, $78.50

 Neon Daze Dress, $71.00

 Simple Romance Dress, $68.00

 Love Those Roses Maxi, $66.00

 Raspberry Kisses Pants, $38.50

Eye Of The Tiger Jacket, $53.50

As you can see, a lot of the pieces I chose to showcase are colour, and fairly vibrant as well. Normally, I'm not drawn to colour, I like to stick to black and white, but these pieces in the colours they're in are absolutely stunning. The pieces I chose work well for summer, minus the jacket, and are very simple yet trendy. My favourite item is the rose maxi dress; it's so beautiful and elegant but the back of it is very sexy too!

I honestly can't believe I've never heard of No Fashion Deadline considering the amount I am online looking for clothes! Shipping to international places is only $10USD as well!

Oh boy, there goes my paycheck!


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