Picnic in Niagara On The Lake!

Well hello there!

Today was a beauty of a day so I planned a little picnic with my cousin Jamey-Lynne. We drove to Niagara On The Lake, a beautiful historic town about 40 minutes away. Obviously, I had to be a tourist for the purpose of a blog post, so enjoy the pictures!

I did a little look of the day before I left:

I wore a Forever 21 floral dress with a Bluenotes cropped denim jacket overtop. I kept my makeup very simple while wearing a diluted coral lipstick. For accessories I wore my Michael Kors watch and Forever 21 sunglasses. My shoes (not shown) were flip flops from American Eagle.

Now onto the NOTL pictures!

Anyone need a hand? Or a foot?

Couldn't go without my Starbucks...

And neither could she!

We found a playground!

Flowers were everywhere!

We found a horse!

Big Ben?

This next bit is literally Just Christmas (the store sells Christmas items all year long)

Back to summer now...

All of the buildings keep their original historic outside appearance.

 "To my sweet darlings,
Do you know how much you are loved? All the way around the world forever and a day. And how do you suppose out of all the little darlings in the world we got the very best ones? Be good and take care of each other. We know you will do great things in the world.
Yours always, xoxo"

All plum-tuckered out!

That was it for out picnic! Unfortunately I didn't think to wear sunscreen so I'm a bit red, but overall it was a fantastic day!




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