Summer Wardrobe Haul!

Well hello there!

Today I went shopping for some new summer clothes! Over the past couple of months I've been losing weight mysteriously so not many of my current clothes fit me anymore. I also knew I had to buy some clothes from work so I headed to the new outlet mall! I only stopped at 3 stores while I was there but trust me, my bank account has been damaged. 

I stopped at Buffalo Jeans, where I work, first. I knew I need some more shorts as I only have 2 pairs. I also bought a bunch of tank tops because I don't have any that I can wear without a shirt over top. Also, ever since we opened there was one chiffon shirt I wanted so badly and I finally picked it up!

The next stop was Forever 21, where my favourite purchases came from. I bought a floral tank top which I thought was absolutely perfect for summer. I needed a pair of sunglasses so I purchased a black rounded pair that I instantly fell in love with. I bought some high-waisted cotton shorts which are so comfy! I also bought the best floral dress ever, for $15!!

My last stop was to American Eagle where I picked up 2 pairs of flip flops!

Now that I've purchased some things that actually fit, I'm going to be donating some of the things that don't. I always do this so it gives me more space and allows me to rejuvenate my wardrobe.

What are you looking forward to buying for your summer wardrobe?




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