8 Brands You Didn't Know Have Blogs!

Well hello there!

Recently I've joined Bloglovin for an easier way to keep up with all of my favourite bloggers new post (my blog is also available on there for you to follow as well, just click here)! I love that as soon as I open Chrome I can see if there's something new for me to read with their extension. It makes keeping up with everyone so effortless!

I've been reading the same blogs for months and months now, and as lovely as the people I follow are, I figured it was time to branch out! It's simple to find readable blogs on Bloglovin, but I wanted to do a little research for myself. I was thinking to myself that I need to find a way to keep up with brand's new collections and what their actually doing without wasting an entire weekend or being up until 3am when I have to work in the morning. And I've found it!

Lots of brands now have blogs so that they can keep in touch with their customers and also with the online fashion world. I've searched all of my favourite brand's websites to see if they have blogs, and here's a list of the ones who do!

J. Crew run their blog through tumblr!

Kate Spade's blog is just like a mini Pinterest!

Chanel keeps you up to date with what they're doing!

Topshop actually blogs instead of just promoting!

Forever 21 evens has a blog!

DKNY runs their blog through tumblr as well!

Club Monaco's blog is more for those who just want to look at pretty pictures!

And the best for last... Oscar de la Renta has a blog too! It's run through tumblr by their PR so you get to see what it's like behind the scenes!

What blog are you most excited to follow?


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