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Well hello there!

If you're like me, you're the kind of person who signs up for newsletters from every single online store and then never pays attention to them. "Get $30 off your next order," "Free shipping all weekend," "Brand new items," "Exclusive deals just for you," are the headlines of all of my emails. I probably receive about 10 or so a day telling me about all of these amazing things these brands/stores have going on, and I just click "mark all as read" without a glance. It's extremely ridiculous that I'm signed up for all of these things, but on a day like today, I am taking advantage of it.

However, I am not actually shopping... considering I'm beyond broke at this point. Buuuuuut, I am window shopping, online. Basically, this is like one of those Christmas wishlists that you make and then send to your family so you don't get the most random assortment of gifts. Except it's the middle of July and I'm sharing it with all of you reading this. Let's get started, shall we?

I decided to just look at one website in particular; Boohoo. I found this UK online store through Zoella's little shopping video and I signed up to receive newsletters, and have yet to actually look at them. It's basically a Forever 21 in the sense that they basically have everything you could think of. I fell madly in love with a lot of their stuff. This post was not supposed to be just about Boohoo, it was meant to be about multiple online stores; but when I looked through the website I just couldn't choose a couple of pieces. I've decided to do multiple posts/parts on Boohoo because I don't want to overwhelm you with the amount of stuff I found. This post is just a wide variety of stuff through most main categories just to introduce you to the kind of clothes Boohoo designs. 

I decided not to show any jeans because that will be an entirely different post because there are just so many that I love. The same goes for shoes and accessories!

One of the really nice things I find about this company is that they do create clothes for bigger sizes without ridding the design aspects of the clothes. I find that a lot of brands will make less trendy or less appealing clothing for those who need larger sizes in a very ridiculing way. Boohoo doesn't do that as far as I can tell (I have honestly gone through every single item of clothing on the website) and it makes me want to support this brand even more. Also, on the other hand, they do offer clothing in shorter lengths which is a really nice benefit as well. Not all of the clothes are offered in these 2 options (bigger sizes and shorter lengths), but it is nice to have those options available while shopping. For this post I didn't show any of the items which do come in bigger sizes or shorter lengths, and I do apologize for those who are looking for that. I am going to link the two fits here (bigger) & here (shorter) though so you can take a look at them if you need those fits!

There is a lot of writing on this post considering I'm just showing you clothes but I felt in a bit of a chatty mood which is why I've explained everything in great detail. Also, I feel like when looking at a new clothing brand, it's best to know a lot about it rather than just being thrown into it. I've linked Zoe's video at the top where she talks about the quality of the clothing. Also, I'm going to link Alfie's (PointlessBlog) video where he talks about the clothes he got from Boohoo as well, because they do make men's clothing! 

Make sure to keep posted on all of my other Boohoo posts as I'm sure there will be tons and tons for a long time! Also, comment below to let me know if you like them and if I should keep doing them!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Lots of lovely items I especially love the floral playsuit. I always do the sme I have so many emails come through daily. I now follow you on bloglovin and look forward to reading more posts

    Carrieanne x


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