Freshly Broke: A Haul!

Well hello there!

I actually just got back from a little (but expensive) shopping trip. On this shopping trip I bought my mom some items as well which is why I say it's expensive without having much to show. I was going to save money either for a camera or a new tattoo...but that option is out the widnow now! Anyway, on with the haul!

From Old Navy I bought 2 shirts:

From Forever 21 I bought shoes, 3 pairs of leggings and a crop top:

From American Eagle I bought jeans (jeggings):

And my favourite purchase was a matching sports bra and underwear from Calvin Klien. I've been obsessed with the "show me your Calvin's" since Kendall Jenner's Instagram, so I had to get myself some. I'm not going to show you the actual things, just the bag (I got the white set).

The other day I went perfume shopping and bought Marc Jacobs Honey and I wanted to include it here. It smells like heaven and summer!

That's it for me! I know it seems very miniscule considering I said it was expensive but like I also said, I bought my mom some stuff as well. 

I was going to do an outfit of the day post of my outfit but it got so hot and sticky I had to change as soon as I got home. What I wore was a black crop tee from Forever 21 and a pleather skater skirt from Sirens with black flip flops from American Eagle!

How are you spending your weekend?




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