A Change!

Well hello there!

I'm coming to you from a different URL and blog name. I started this blog as "Keeping Up With Kenzie B" because it was a daily posting and I thought it fit well. At this point in time, I do not post every day and it's kind of a tongue twister to say. And, to be completely honest, I actually hate the nickname Kenzie.

So I've decided to change it. Being MacKenzie is the new name and URL (beingmackenzie.blogspot.com or .ca depending where you are). Considering I don't completely fit into one category I think that this is suiting for me. What I post is who I am and what I'm doing at that point in time.

You can still follow me on bloglovin or anywhere else you choose to do so, it's just a slight change that works better for me, and hopefully for you too! The posts will be the same as they've been, the only difference is that I've changed the name and URL.

Overall, I'm just Being MacKenzie.




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