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Well hello there!

Read on to the very end for a little announcement!

I would like to admit something very personal and very secretive about myself. I am a closeted sneakerhead. It might not seem like I'm the kind of person to fawn over sneakers but man oh man do I ever. I don't actually own as many sneakers as a classic sneakerhead would, but that's because I've only recently discovered this about myself. Considering that sneakers have been trumping heels and sandals for the past couple of seasons, it's not really a surprise to me that this has happened. It's almost impossible to find a blogger who hasn't been wearing them in an outfit of the day post, or even been writing posts thanking the supremes of fashion for finally ditching sky high heels in favour of comfortable sneaks. 

I can promise you though, that this fall, I'll be wearing sneakers galore. I already have my eyes set on multiple pairs that I hope to buy to make my staple shoe. I've only ever worn the low top sneakers just because they look better on me than the high tops...but my mind has slowly been converting to think otherwise. Regardless, I've still fallen in love with sneakers and here are some of my favourites:

I love football, and the New Orleans Saints are my team. These shoes (possibly in the low tops) are a definite must for this upcoming football season.

Puma has really been stepping (pun intended) up their game lately when it comes to sneakers. 

I like these next ones because of the stripes at the back, which are unexpected for an all white shoe.

If you like a printed shoe, these ones are the perfect pair for fall.

Bringing it to an all white classic shoe, this is the one I'll be getting!

I know sneakers can be expensive, especially if you're looking at Nike's. So for those on a strict budget, here are some nice cheap ones if you're a sneakerhead too!

The dots on these are super cute and look just like Keds!

 These ones are great alternatives to Vans!

For a basic all white canvas sneaker, these are nice!

This maroon shade is perfect for fall!

This classic looking high top without the Chuck Taylor price is an essential!

For a sportier look, I would wear these ones!

What do you think of the sneaker trend? Are you on board or will you be sticking with fancier footwear?



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