Take A Peak In My Bag!

Well hello there!

This is going to be a different "what's in my bag" than what most people do. I didn't take anything out of my bag, but decided to show you a detailed look inside the "mechanics" of my bag. 

Last weekend, I decided I needed a new purse. The one I had been using was a coral/salmon Coach shoulder bag that I received as a gift in 2011. The reason I was using this purse as my everyday bag was because it was kind of the only one that I had. It carried the majority of my things, but it definitely did not suit every outfit I was wearing with it. It also has these horrendous and annoying gold chains connecting the straps to the bag part of it that jingle every single time the straps are touched. It was definitely time for a new one.

My first stop was at Kate Spade. I didn't want a coloured bag so I ultimately left with nothing. I then tried out DKNY, J. Crew, Forever 21, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, and Fossil. I couldn't find anything that was classic yet versatile and worth spending money on. I decided to try out Danier as a last ditch effort and ended up falling in love with the structure and style of a brown bag. I absolutely hated the colour and became extremely upset until a wonderful sales associate pointed me to the black version. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the one, but I continued to walk around to see if there was anything else that would catch my eye. There wasn't, so I picked up the black one for an extremely amazing bargain. Originally priced at $230, I bought the bag for $112 after tax!

The bag is genuine leather and can be worn in 3 ways. It can be put over the shoulder, crossbody and as I carry it like a handbag on my forearm. It has 5 sections to put things in, including a zippered middle part. It has 1 zippered pocket, as well as 2 open pockets. It's a pebbled leather look with silver details.

After looking on the Danier website, I believe this bag is offered only in stores. I apologize for the bad pictures near the end, my camera decided to stop taking semi-decent pictures.

What kind of bag do you use daily?




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