The Best Feeling In The World

Well hello there!

I haven't quite acquired all September issues yet so until I do, my posts will not be about fashion. I guess this would then go without saying that this post isn't about fashion. This writing (I would say article but there's a reason I didn't continue as a journalist so...) has to do a lot with my new tattoo. If you didn't know, my tattoo says "be kind." I got this for multiple reasons (which I wrote about here) but mainly because that's who I am. 

I think the biggest example of that would be the tumblr blog I have. I used to be considerably anonymous but I realized some people like to have a name to say that they are talking with an actual person and not a robot with feelings. The entire point to this "blog" is to help people out. Users come to me, either anonymously or privately and ask for help with situations. I started  the blog because one night I had spent multiple hours talking with a girl who said she wanted to commit suicide. She had ultimately decided not to commit the act because the things I had been saying helped her to realize that she didn't want to. 

So I started the blog and I started to get some questions in. Some were about teen pregnancy, some were about relationships, but the majority of the questions had (and still have) to do with mental illness. The most common topic people want help with is how to cope with their mental illness and how to stop self-harming and/or suicidal thoughts. Typically when these questions come in they are anonymous so I am not able to know if I'm conversing with the same person over time. If a person doesn't choose to check the "ask anonymously" box, I don't post their questions because they want to have a personal conversation with me. 

I started this "blog" in October of 2013, so it's almost been a year. Between March and July of 2014 I wasn't very active. I stopped getting questions and so I kind of put the entire process out of my mind. I started back up with this blog this month and plan on sticking to it until I can't any longer. However, I didn't want to talk about the blog's background but more so about the feeling I get from doing it.

During the first time I had been active I received multiple thank yous and really positive messages about my "services." One person had said that thanks to me they had been clean from self-harm for 6 months. I've had multiple people tell me that I've really helped them and that they couldn't be more appreciative of what I've done for them. Since I had started the blog, there had been one person who came to me personally (meaning not anonymously) for help, and I still keep in contact with her every few months, just to see how things are going. Today I actually talked with her and I could tell from how she had been writing that she has really taken to heart what I've said and has acted upon it. She has completely changed her view on bad situations and has even incorporated my words from the first time I spoke to her into her goals. 

These kinds of things, such as when you can tell how much you've helped somebody just by speaking to them, give me the best feeling in the world. I can't express how proud I am of these people, and I don't even know their names. It's insane to think that I've made a difference in at least one person's life, but I've been told I've made differences in many. It's hard to explain how much better it makes me feel to have the ability to help this people, and to know that they're coming to me for help is extremely flattering. 

The funny part of this all is, that I don't do it for the satisfaction of knowing I've helped someone. 
I don't do it for the thank yous or the because of yous. 
I don't do it for the recognition or the compliments. 

I do it simply to be kind. 
I do it because that is what I've been taught to do. 
I do it because it's easy to me to be able to help someone. 
I do it because there are people who sometimes, just need someone to talk to. 

I do it because it's who I am.


If you know of anyone, or if you are yourself, who is going through a hard time and wants someone to talk to, the link is . As stated above, all anonymous questions are posted and all non-anonymous questions are kept private. No tumblr account is needed to ask questions. To ask something, click the "Tell me about it" button on the right sidebar.



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