Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Review!

Well hello there!

This month I received my first ever ipsy glam bag! I had known what I was receiving prior to getting it because I "unlocked" my glam room because I'm extremely impatient. (It's most apparent around Christmas when I beg my mom to let me open my presents either on Christmas eve or earlier... I'm 20.) In my bag I got a dry shampoo, an eye shadow, a chapstick, a pore refiner, and a mascara. I'm choosing to specifically talk about the mascara because it's so amazing that I can't just pass up the opportunity of a blog post.

The mascara I was given is the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (as said in the title, in case you happened to miss it).
It came in the standard black which was nice because I don't wear any other colours. I was pretty skeptical about it because of the type of brush the mascara has. I normally use a mascara with a flattened bent brush to curl my lashes while applying, but this one came with a standard mascara brush. 
This might be the reason I love the mascara so much because the bristles are spread far enough apart that it fans out my lashes. It doesn't clump them together which makes them look nice and wide.

As for the actual mascara (meaning the black stuff applied to your lashes...I am just great with words today), the formula is perfect. It lasts all day without smudging or running. It's waterproof and it truly is because it takes me a bit to get it all off. The lengthening of my lashes is probably due to both the brush and the formula, but this specific one has made my lashes suuuuuuuuuper long. I'm always shocked every morning as to how long they look.

I decided to show you the difference between my "normal" mascara and this new one by applying one to each of my eyelashes. On the right side is the Urban Decay one, and on the left is my normal Femme Couture one. As you can see there's a pretty big difference between the two... or so I like to think.

Overall I am absolutely in love with this mascara. It might have been the worst best thing ipsy could have put in my bag because I am refusing to use another one. What's the problem with that? Well the full size tube is $20 which is quite pricey considering I'm used to buying ones under $10. Come to think of it...maybe that's why I've never had my lashes look this amazing. But this little one should last me enough to commit to this mascara!

What are your thoughts on the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara?


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  2. Love the look and sound of this mascara!
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